What is terrassign and what services does the company offer?2023-07-19T15:21:09+02:00

We are a full-service employee secondment provider specialising in global mobility. At terrassign we offer a wide range of services such as visa procurement, work permits, services, advice on tax and social security aspects as well as support with secondment policies and contracts.

What kind of postings does terrassign support?2023-07-19T15:20:07+02:00

We support different types of secondment, including intra-company transfers, short and long-term work assignments, projects abroad and business and official trips within Europe.

Do you also offer training in the area of global mobility?2023-07-19T15:18:53+02:00

Yes, we also offer Global Mobility training and education. Our experts can develop tailor-made training programmes to prepare companies and their employees for the challenges of employee secondment.

Does terrassign also offer Global Mobility consultancy services?2023-07-19T15:17:50+02:00

Yes, we offer comprehensive global mobility consulting. This includes the creation of assignment guidelines, budgeting and cost optimisation, process and strategy consulting, risk management as well as advice on the selection and preparation of employees for an assignment.

What are the advantages of working with you compared to managing employee assignments internally?2023-07-19T15:16:48+02:00

Working with us as a full-service provider offers companies a number of benefits, including expertise and experience in global mobility, cost optimisation, relief for internal personnel and HR departments, comprehensive legal cover and the certainty that all aspects of an assignment will be professionally managed.


Find out more about how we can help you achieve your global mobility goals and contact us to request a customized and non-binding proposal.

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