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Increasing cross-border business travel, services and short and long-term deployments: global mobility is constantly evolving, with ever new demands.

The legal aspects in particular require organisations to be more transparent and to understand country-specific circumstances.

terrassign takes care of all the relevant aspects of an overseas assignment – including employment, residence, social security and tax law: proficiently, professionally and tailored to individual needs. Each employee assignment is planned holistically and includes only those services that are truly necessary. We thus guarantee budget, planning and organisational security.

We take over the complete management of assigning your employees – including within the European Union. This involves handling all the necessary registrations in the assignment destination country, obtaining the required certificates from the country of residence or employment, and any formalities that may arise at the end of the assignment. We also ensure compliance with the legal requirements for the retention of the respective data.

Your mission
to assign employees who are South American nationals residing in Switzerland to Japan at short notice for electrical installations
is our passion. terrassign kompass 120 3 4


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Whether you maintain a fully-fledged mobility program with clearly defined benefits and services, or approach every transfer new and on a case by case basis: we manage the full life cycle of your transfer or provide selected, individual services. This includes:

  • visa and work permit procurement and extensions

  • home search and area orientation

  • settling-in services

  • temporary housing

  • property management and home sale assistance

  • international household goods shipping and storage

  • school search and education assistance

  • spousal career assistance

  • 24/7 vendor management, transferee support and troubleshooting during the entire lifecycle of the assignment


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With respect to services and temporary professional activities within the European Economic Area (EEA), there are several employment and social security regulations to take into account – for example in the framework of the EU Posted Workers Directive. As a full-service provider, we give you security, and take care of all the necessary formalities:

  • Complete assignment registrations in all countries of the EU, as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

  • Management of service provider registrations, construction site access cards and other regulatory registrations abroad

  • Provision of authorized representation

  • Application for A1 certificates with respect to applicable social security provisions

  • Organization of necessary translations

  • Calculation of remuneration, allowances and recompensations for your employees

GLOBAL MOBILITY CONSULTING terrassign kompass 120 3 4

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As a 360˚ Global Mobility Consulting Company, we offer expert advice, program development and HR support in every area and issue concerning international workforce talent mobility today. Our consulting portfolio includes:

  • policy development and optimization

  • workforce mobility strategy consulting

  • process development and re-engineering

  • transferee selection and post-assignment retention

  • budgeting and cost saving programs

  • assignment letters and contracts

  • on-going consulting support and troubleshooting

  • risk management and legal and financial compliance support

GLOBAL MOBILITY TRAINING terrassign kompass 120 3 4

terrassign kompass 120 2 4

As a stand-alone element of our regular consulting services, we conduct training seminars for HR professionals on all aspects of corporate relocation and international assignment management. We can help you maintain control, contain costs and achieve a solid base of know-how and expertise among your staff. We offer:

  • general global mobility know-how (group seminars)

  • 1-on-1 training in workforce mobility and relocation management basics

  • workshops on the EU Posted Worker Directive

  • yearly refresher courses on current global mobility trends and developments

  • customized workshops on topics ranging from global payroll to multi-national talent management and tax- and employment law

  • cross-cultural training (individual and group)

  • language training (individual and group)


Find out more about how we can help you achieve your global mobility goals and contact us to request a customized and non-binding proposal.